Keith Chingandu : Web & Application Developer

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About Me



I would say that the letter "T" best resembles the developer that I am today. The vertical bar represents my depth in applications development and traditional web development. The horizontal bar represents breadth, as in adaptability and flexibility. Both breadth and depth are fuelled by passion, experience and a perpetual dedication to learning and creating.

I am enthused by the journey of discovery in problem-solving, individually or within a team. I keep an open mind and believe in fostering new ideas, especially in today's digitally
revolutionised world.

Having successfully managed the challenges of working in a major digital agency, I am confident in welcoming and taking on new challenges.

  • Computer Arts International Scholarship

    Winning the Computer Arts international scholarship gave me an opportunity to go to Vancouver where I was enrolled on an intensive 1 year course studying Digital Design.
  • Best Interface Developer

    I received this award upon graduating from VFS for my final project
  • Best Team / Group project

    I received this award upon graduating from VFS for the Shortest Dream website
  • Solid principles, clean code, TDD, BDD
  • Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • JQuery, Require, Underscrore, PureMVC
  • Webstorm 8, Grunt, SASS, Karma, Protractor
  • Git, Tortoise SVN, JIRA, Ant task
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Exploring: Sencha Touch, Backbone and Angular
  • Actionscript (AS 3 & 2)
  • Flash builder 4.6 ( MXML )
  • Flash Develop, FDT
  • Arduino